Rules Of Engagement For Booking Travel Companions

As a successful businessman, you’re well aware that your industry has protocols and rules of engagement. While some of these are formal, many of these are unspoken.

In the professional escort industry, there are also protocols and rules of engagement. Learning these, and most importantly, respecting these, will allow both you and your Sun Bunny Escorts companion to enjoy your time together.

Here are some of the protocols and rules of engagement you should keep in mind before you book time with a professional travel companion escort:

1. Don’t haggle the fees

Nothing says amateur and unworthy of respect than a prospective client who treats his escort experience like a cheap auction or a shopping trip at an open-air market! The agency establishes pricing based on a variety of factors, and one of those factors is making sure that the agency can attract and keep the best travel companion escorts on contract.

As an international businessman, you’d probably expect to book time with a lady who is beautiful, intelligent, friendly, fresh-looking, and generally pleasant to be around. If you’re hiring your companion to take on a business-related event, then you’d only want to hire the best talent in order to impress your colleagues and your superiors. Agencies need to be able to attract and keep this level of companionship talent, and this requires the type of money that makes this possible.

2. Confirm how payments are accepted and processed.

You will be expected to pay for your time with your tour guide companion before the date begins. It would be a shame for all parties to experience disappointment because you weren’t able to use your favorite credit card or a traveler’s cheque. What’s more, you’ll need to confirm when the funds will be processed, how they are processed, and what type of international fees are involved.

All of these aspects should be confirmed before you arrive in the country so that you can make the proper arrangements well before your scheduled date. The agent nor the escort can accept excuses or make exceptions once it’s already too late. And one more factor to keep in mind: Most online payment processors won’t process these type of transactions, so you’ll need to make other arrangements if this was your plan of action.

3. Your hygiene should be top-notch

Finally, you should know that escorts are very clean and hygienic. In fact, something as simple as spitting in public places is against the law! This is how seriously national citizens take cleanliness. You should respect this be displaying the same commitment to cleanliness in your personal presentation.

With this in mind, it’s imperative that you arrive for your booked time freshly bathed or showered, wearing clean top and undergarments, and otherwise presentable. This will leave a great impression in the minds of the agency and your guest tour guide escort. This will also make things easier for you to book time with another lady the next time you decide to visit the country.

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